The Saidwell Process

The most effective way to channel passion and make your desired impact is through process.  A river without banks is a swamp.  A message without a process is too.  Our process allows you to move from idea to delivery in a way that doesn't muddy your message and delivers the results you are after.


T O N E 

Tone is foundational.  It goes by many words: vibe, feel, ambiance.  It's the most often overlooked aspect of any communication.  A lack of understanding of tone by the communicator results in a mediocre product and leaves audiences confused.  The start of the Saidwell process establishes your tone to match your product as well as your environment.  Unless you start with tone, your efforts will most likely fall short. 


T E X T 

This is our bread and butter.  Your text is the medium for your message, and it must be perfect.  Rarely, is it ever a good idea to compose text in isolation.  We can't all be Lincoln scratching out a speech on a train.  You need a tribe of text experts with you.  We want to be that tribe.


D E L I V E R Y 

Finally, it's not only what you say, but also how you say it.  Inflection, pace, and expression are just a few elements that impact how your audience receives your product.  Too often, communicators hit autopilot here.  Your script is only as effective as your delivery.