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B E N  D E R R I C K


IT Wasn’t until someone believed in me...

enough to develop me that I discovered the core, the essence, of my communication style.  I believe, wholeheartedly, that each person has a unique and beautiful voice.  Further, I believe their voice deserves to be heard.  Too often we are given a platform without even a basic understanding of the communication process.  As a result, we miss opportunities for impact and give up too quickly on our ambitions.  My desire is to be that supportive and informed voice behind the voice - a guide to help others say what they mean.  This is the heart of Saidwell as a company.  We exist to help others be heard, to turn copy into moments, and make those moments repeatable.  

It takes a craftsman to build a bridge between speaker and audience. To this end, I have dedicated my life as an apprentice.