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Hear a real human voice, not AI.

While text-to-speech technology is incredibly important for accessibility, the AI often fails to convey correct pronunciation and tone. Let a human voice instead provide you with the correct context and familiarity you need.


The best, hand-picked articles on the web.

Listen to the best written, curated content from leading journalists and bloggers on a variety of topics designed to improve your knowledge.


Knowledge is important, so is your time.

We understand that life can get too busy to sit down and read. Instead, let us deliver our content to you in an easy-to-access podcast format for you to listen to anytime, anywhere.


Delivered where you already listen, when you want it.

Our hand-picked, premium content can be found on all your favourite platforms for listening to podcasts, or even delivered directly to your email.


Our initial focus will be start-ups, with more to come.

To kick off our podcast series, we have gathered the best articles and blogs concerning the area of startups for our professional voice actors to read. Stay tuned for more content from a variety of categories in the near future.